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February 21, 2000
Sites which bring frequent visitors to the Center for Duck Studies have been listed here...
February 13, 2000
A few long hidden contributions from Quacks have been rediscovered and posted. See The Origins of the Universe and an addition to Bits of Ducky Wisdom, both of which can be found in the The Reading Room.
August 15, 1999
The Center For Duck Studies is settling in to its new home at It's been a long time since the Center for Duck Studies has seen more than minor changes, but we expect to see more work in this area over the next several months.
February 28, 1997
The top banner, which graces all pages of the Center, has been shrunk; the typography was redone. The navigational image maps were redone and have been merged into one. Some other subtle changes that most users will not notice have also been made. This week, a new banner is being used to promote the Center for Duck Studies on LinkExchange and LPage. See below:
February 22, 1997
The First Pope briefly returned home to Kennewick to catch up on cover-letter writing. A few cosmetic changes will be/have been installed this week.
Friday, February 7, 1997
The First Pope headed to Seattle to search for work. No updates are planned for the next week, but a new banner should appear on the LinkExchange service.
Tuesday, February 4, 1997
A number of minor changes appeared today, most of which are invisible or inconspicuous. Of note, more links and a new Duck image were added to The South Exit.
Monday, February 3, 1997
The South Exit has been updated and new images of the Duck have been added. Also of note: it appears that the Confessional server is now more reliable than it was a few days ago. Don't be afraid to Confess!
Tuesday, January 28, 1997
We received notification that the Center for Duck Studies has received an award from The Award Ward. Thanks for the recognition!
Monday, January 27, 1997
The Center for Duck Studies was temporarily removed from the server in order to remove baggage from previous versions. A custom error page for misdirected URLs was created to be more consistent with the look and feel of the Center for Duck Studies.
Sunday, January 19, 1997
A new addition to the collection of spiritual documents at the Center for Duck Studies premiered today, The Duck's Position on the Missionary. Some revisions may be in store, but we think this is an important statement on the spread of Duckiness.
Also an important new release, A History of the Center for Duck Studies was introduced today to give insight into the origins and the future of the Center. We repaired some egregious errors in the K-Rad translation of the Introduction to the Way of the Duck. All three items can be found in The Reading Room.
The advertisement banners are now pervasive.
Saturday, January 18, 1997 (early)
Evaluation of server logs revealed that some people are still linking to the Great Hall. This was leading them to the "old" Center for Duck Studies and probably resulted in their experiencing frustrating broken links. Installed a replacement for the Great Hall that redirects users to the new site.
Friday, January 17, 1997 (at a more reasonable hour)
Added LinkExchange banners in more places. Added links on the The Holy Sound page. Initiated a new promotional campaign.
Friday, January 17, 1997 (with bleary eyes)
Created a banner for The LinkExchange to generate more traffic to the Center. Signed up for an Lpage World Famous Guestbook to host the Confessional again; we hope they don't drop us again when they do another software upgrade. Both sites will begin promoting the Center for Duck Studies using the following:

Feel free to include this banner on your own web site. We now feature advertisement banners on the main page (the Great Hall) and we will gradually place LE banners on other Center for Duck Studies pages.

The Image Map frame for the Center has been updated to include the new areas. Apologies for the relatively crude graphic; we hope to create a single, visually consistent image map shortly.
Thursday, January 9, 1997 (in the wee hours of the morning)
Added new entries to Bits of Ducky Wisdom and graphics to accompany the bits. Thanks to Frank M., James McDonald, Don Harper, and Frank M. for the new contributions. Apologies for the delay. This page is also new today.
Wednesday, January 1, 1997 (or so)
The revamped and redesigned Center for Duck Studies went live. All graphical content is new and completely original. We hope you like the new design.
Thursday, December 19, 1996
The First Pope survived the last two final examinations of his undergraduate college career.
Tuesday, December 10, 1996 (we think)
In a frenzied session of graphical experimentation, the First Pope began planning for a redesign of the Center for Duck Studies.
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