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The Duck’s Position on the Missionary

It is generally accepted that the Duck does not have a peculiar, abiding interest in the affairs of humans, but that humans are better off if they do things in a Ducky state of mind. But if being Ducky is so beneficial for humankind, it must follow that spreading Duckiness is good.

This leads one to the question of Method. What ways of spreading Duckiness are appropriate? While everyone who attains the Duck-Mind will benefit, it is dangerous to assume that this ultimate benefit justifies any kind of force or coercion on the part of those promoting the Way of the Duck.

Those who have not yet attained true Duckiness are not savages (unless they hunt and kill Ducks, particularly if they are without sufficient gratitude for the sacrifice made by the Duck for the hunter), they are not weaker, they are not inferior to those who have experienced the Duck.

They simply have not embarked upon the Great Journey, the Flight of the Duck.


But if these people are not inferior, if they are not weaker, if they are not misguided, how can we convince them of the benefits and goodness of the Duck Way?

We must learn to recognize when someone is experiencing the Duck or has a flash of Duck-Mind but fails to realize it. When we can see the Duck in others, we can tell them that they, too, know the Duck; they must simply come to terms with this knowledge. We must teach them to recognize it, too. This will set them on the Path. If they are destined to understand the Duck, they will gradually come to accept their own Duckiness.


The great problem, however, is that Duckiness is very difficult to define. The Duck-Mind is only so powerful because it is so indescribable. If it is difficult to explain the Duck, how can we recognize the Duck in others?

The teaching of the Duck is that all of us are teachers. We will remember our own experiences and frustrations as we gradually came to find the Duck, and when we see the kinds of frustrations and reactions in others that we know in ourselves, we can point out to them what they are truly experiencing. At first, they may deny it. They may think we are a bit crazy. They may lash out in anger at us or at the Duck. But these natural defense mechanisms will break down as they come to realize the Duck at their own pace.

It may take many teachers before one person sees the Ducky Path and begins to travel it. And not everyone is destined to attain Duckiness in this lifetime. But we can all assist in guiding people toward the Way of the Duck.

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