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DePauw University, B.A. East Asian Studies. August 1992-December 1996.

Philipps-University Marburg (Germany), exchange student, September 1994-March 1996.




German, 8 years: Conversation, translation German-English, reading, writing.

Japanese, 3 years: Basic conversation; some reading, writing and translation.

English, native speaker.


Work Experience



Yuzu Trading Co. LLC, Seattle, WA. Principal. Responsible for developing sources for unique Pan-Pacific lifestyle goods, marketing products, and developing and closing sales with specialty retailers and distributors. February 2004-present.

Microsoft, Redmond, WA. International Test Lead for MSN publishing platform and advertising technologies, and MSN Communities, Chat, and Member Directory. May 2000-April 2004.

  • Identify design issues in the internationalization of MSN content publishing systems, content aggregation tools, and advertising targeting and delivery technology systems.
  • Design and implement test strategies for verifying localizability and internationalization quality in multiple projects.
  • Lead a virtual team involving core testers and a small, focused international test team on multiple projects.
  • Implemented a strategy for outsourcing test execution and test development to vendors in Beijing, China.
  • Trained vendor staff onsite in Beijing, and conducted postmortem assessments of project effectiveness with the vendor teams, analyzing bug statistics and team member feedback.
  • Conducted meetings with localization teams in Japan, Korea and Taiwan to clarify test strategy and to address quality and process concerns raised by the localization teams.
  • Estimate project resource costs and integrate with external schedules; track progress against the schedule, and realign tasks to adapt to external schedule variances.
  • Lead the test effort for validating international quality, including localizability testing, of MSN Communities, Chat, and Member Directory.
  • Develop test team member skills by focusing on areas for improvement and by giving them the power to make decisions.
  • Progressively increasing responsibility, including taking over a project with a complex history and rationalizing test practices and realigning commitments to make results more measurable and achievable.
  • Designed and implemented a tool to identify risky international characters based on a proposed implementation of an advertising targeting system.

Microsoft, Redmond, WA. International Test Coordinator for New Office Technologies. August 1999-May 2000.

  • Provide assistance in international specifications, including identifying flaws and missing features, assessing the relative importance of features, and providing additional information on internationalization issues to the program manager.
  • Created a test plan and analyzed the organizational requirements for our project.
  • Spoke with other Microsoft international teams to analyze various international test practices.
  • Defended and challenged features in reviews with developers and program managers.
  • Developed and presented an international sufficiency strategy to the team.

Microsoft, Redmond, WA. Software Test Engineer/Test Lead for Microsoft Internet Explorer, International functionality. June 1997-August 1999.

  • Management

    • Managed three regular employees and five contingent staff.

    • Developed test plans and raise globalization concerns at feature team test plan reviews.

    • Coordinated test passes and a testing matrix including 9 international system code pages and locale settings on Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT.

    • Drove buddy build testing to verify fixes and analyze regression testing before code is checked in to main tree.

    • Analyzed cost and impact of test plans, new testing, and project variances.

  • Testing

    • Designed suites of tests covering international functionality with latest HTML/CSS/scripting innovations. Wrote JavaScript and VBScript code using IE4 and IE5 object models.

    • Generated test case content using plain- or syntax-highlighting type editors (notepad, Visual Interdev). Site management using FrontPage and Visual Interdev.

    • Familiar with Chinese, Japanese, and Korean globalization issues such as line-breaking, encoding methods, text rendering, input method editors, problem lead and trail bytes. Familiar with pan-European globalization issues including Euro currency support, locale-specific capitalization rules, and sort orders. 

  • Technical

    • Used Access to bulk update content in our test case management database and to generate statistics on failure rates.

    • Developed a hierarchical HTML menu generator and test case indexing system using ASP, Visual Basic and SQL Server.

    • Developed ASP-based site index for international real-world browsing testing; created SQL-Server backend.

    • Developed a tool using MFC/C++ to convert between Unicode and ANSI encodings using HTTP and HTML escape sequences; single-source Unicode- and ANSI-compilable versions.

    • Created a forms reflector for testing form submission internationalization (using MFC-ISAPI, C++).

    • Developed a web content negotiation component using ATL, C++ and MLANG. Single-source Unicode- and ANSI-compilable component.

    • Created win32 console tools for conversion between Unicode formats and for generating information about a machine's system code page and locale.

    • Maintained team web servers (running Windows NT Server, IIS, ASP, SQL Server, and custom applications and components).

Volt Technical Services, Redmond, WA. Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 Software Test Engineer, International/Localized versions. Responsible for testing German and Japanese versions of next-generation web browser. March 1997-June 1997.

Northwest Asian Weekly newspaper, Seattle, WA. Assistant Editor. April 1996-August 1996.

  • Responsible for layout, production, and occasional writing and copy editing.
  • Designed advertisements for in-house purposes and for sponsors.
  • Used Adobe PageMaker for layout and pre-production. (B&W and spot color).
  • Used Adobe Photoshop for B&W photo pre-production and for advertisement photo production.
  • Layout, design, production. Features and news writing.
  • Designed and created content for community calendar section.

Center for Japanese Studies, Philipps-University Marburg, Germany. Proofreader and Translator. July 1995-March 1996.

  • Translated documents in Japanese studies from German into English.

  • Edited English-language texts by German and Japanese scholars.

  • All work has been or is intended to be published.

Writing Center, DePauw University. Writing Consultant. Consulted students on writing assignments such as research papers and essays, offering advice for improvements. August 1993-May 1994.

Northwest Asian Weekly newspaper, Seattle, WA. Journalism Intern. Winter internship program through DePauw University. January 1994.

  • Covered news of interest to local Asian American community.

  • Several front page stories. 

  • Features and news writing.

  • Assisted in layout, proofreading, advertisement design.

Center for Contemporary Media, DePauw University. Administrative assistant in the administration office and technical assistant in television department. Responsibilities included providing instruction or assistance in the use of video cameras, editing equipment, and television control rooms. August 1992-December 1993.


Other Experience


Personal home page. Create original content and index external content. Content development with humor site and a jobseeker's guide to high-tech. Various sections with distinctive themes and branding. Use FrontPage for content prototyping and site management. Use Photoshop to create graphical content (See URL above). December 1994-present.

DePauw Progressive Network. Coordinator of campus political organization. Facilitated weekly meetings, organized educational events and other programs, facilitated communication between various political groups on campus. May 1993-July 1994; September 1996-December 1996.

WGRE Radio, DePauw University, Greencastle, IN. Volunteer disc jockey, news reader. Hosted music programs several hours per week, produced promotional announcements, produced a talk show, presented evening news once per week. Developed solid, professional, resonant broadcast voice. Live production of panel/call-in talk show, advertisement spot production. August 1992-May 1994.

The Underground, DePauw University, Greencastle, IN. Produced and directed The Underground, a music video program. Included technical direction of control room during recording of the show. Operated and trained volunteer production team on GVP video switcher, video source routers, character graphics generator, Teleprompter, camera, camera timing equipment, lighting and lighting control board, audio control board. Some  manual and computer editing (analog tape).  December 1992-June 1993.

Evening Edition, DePauw University. Graphic artist for campus news program. Designed graphics on Paintbox for news broadcasts, both full-screen and over-the-shoulder boxes. August 1992-December 1992.

The Verbal Collage, Kennewick High School. Founder and editor of literary magazine. Responsible for assembling a team for content selection, facilitating weekly meetings, and layout and production. August 1990-June 1992.

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