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Hacking high tech

Note: Most of this content was written about two years ago (mid-1999). It should still be fairly useful, as the material does not easily become dated, but a number of sections remain incomplete.

What does it take to get a job in this industry? If you read the newspapers, you might think that tech employers are so desperate to fill positions that they'll hire any half-intelligent nerd who comes along.

But that doesn't turn out to be the case. To get in the door, you still have to have to demonstrate your value to employers.

Learn what it really takes to write an effective resume and to excel at a job interview.

Job-seeking etiquette

It sounds anathema in an era of ultra-casual, but etiquette hasn't disappeared. It's still important in business, but the rules have changed.

The right resume

Learn how to transform your resume from an uninspired list of job titles and degrees to a valuable job-seeking tool.

Effective Interviewing

Find out what it takes to shine when you're sitting in a hiring manager's office.

Dealing with recruiting agencies

What can headhunters do for you? Even recent college graduates can benefit by taking advantage of high-tech employment agencies.

What about Microsoft?

How does a company like Microsoft hire people? What does it take to get in the door?

Why I'm doing this

So what's in it for me? Learn why I felt the need to help tech job seekers.

Disclaimer: The information I present is my opinion, not intended to represent the rest of Microsoft or any other company for that matter. Everything I provide reflects the attitudes of one technical lead, and no one else. Feel free to take or leave any advice you find here. Make your own decisions.

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