Center for Duck Studies



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The Reading Room
Home to all of the major spiritual documents on the Duck. Resources to get to know the Duck better and to find your own inner Duck.
The Holy Sound
Hear the glorious sound of the Duck. It may very well bring you enlightenment.
The Confessional
This is the place to confess your sins, your transgressions, and your Duckiest thoughts to the Popes, the Duck, and the entire world! Confess. Read the Confessions.
The South Exit
Other Ducky places on the the Internet.
Around the Corner
Other spiritual centers on the Internet.
Spin Factory
Announcements about what's new in the Center for Duck Studies.
Who's talking about the Center
Links to sites that bring us new visitors.

In sooth be it said, "The DUCK!"
Yes, the Duck, indeed.

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