Center for Duck Studies




Spin Factory

Who talks about the Duck?

On April 1, 2000, the Lincoln Journal-Star in Nebraska ran a story that featured the Center for Duck Studies.

An associate professor at the university of Florida notes the Center For Duck Studies on his Religious Studies -- Virtual Religions page. The Church of What?!? Tammy Todd,'s Alternative Religion guide, mentions us in a February 1999 piece about internet religions. The Christian Humor site points to us in Church Parodies - Christian Humor and Apologetics Net Links.

LookSmart classifies the Center as one of the Weirdest Sites on the Web.

Who links to the Center?

a safe place for addicts, members of the gay community, and all ducks by Lisbeth Duck, who happens not only to be Ducky, but also quite possibly a Duck.

Syddware's Duckies on the Web. Syddware has linked to the Center for Duck Studies for a long time and brings us lots of visitors.

Yahoo's Parody Religions site thinks this is just a joke...

The Southern Duck Hunter. Among the Eaters of Ducks are a fair number of people who are curious about Duckism.

Pacific Internet. An Australian internet service provider links to us from their top page.

Twirlix, a German web directory, classifies us as a SKURRILITÄT. We think they trivialize us.


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