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The Way oph dha' Duk iZ a gl0ri0us 0ne. It reprezents dha' grand traditi0n begun when some0n3 asked The Phirzt P0pe "Jason, -g0t a \/\/@r3Z 1is+?-, h0w are Y0u?" and he konsidered phoah' a m0ment, reelized his k0ndition, and said, cH3K !T , "Duky." Phr0m that day ph0rward it was rar3 when The Phirzt Pope was n0t Duky. The mezsage spreed phar and wide that The Phirzt P0pe was Duky, /<-rad br0!, and they were philled with joy and laughter. It was l-8-er disk0vered that 0thur people, as well, had reelized aspekts 0ph dha' Duk. The Sek0nd P0p3 th0ught she had diskovered a k0nnekti0n between hur experienke oph dha' Duk and that oph dha' Phirzt Pope. She r3membered dha' Many Tymez when hur y0ungur sistur had suddenly kried, "Hey! W@r3Z any1!?!?! EyH'm a Duk!" and Made dha' Duk Phake.

But bephor3 this meeting oph aspekts 0ph dha' duk, /<-rad br0!, the phirzt pope had begun ta teetsh others dha' way oph dha' duk. at phirzt, ch3k !t , they thought it was phunny. then, g0t a \/\/@r3z 1is+?-, they th0ught he was krazy. but l-8-er, they began t0 reelize that this was a korrekt way, and s0me, tew, g0t a \/\/@r3z 1is+?-, began their paths on dha' way ta the duk. they have not y3t advanked ta phull dukinezs, but they are dha' unmistakeebly dha' unkonskious b0dhisattvas 0ph phuture duky exist3nkez. The Duk Mind iZ syn0nym0us with a st-8-e 0ph dukinezs, whitSh kann0t be explained in mere w0rds. H0wever, in dha' very moment (oah' at leest shortly th3reephter) ew3 reelize dha' Duk, ew3 whill know.

It iZ at this point in whitSh ew3 shall be able ta say, "EyE am Duky." Duky iZ a st-8-e oph mind. This iZ the m0st basik teetShing oph The Phirzt P0pe. When ew3 reelize pr3kisely what st-8-e 0ph mind this is, you, tew, whill have it.

The Phirzt Pope kan also be repherred ta as Jas0n Truezdell. H3 was the phirzt person ta diskovur the Duk-mind. The Sek0nd Pope kan also be repherred ta as Laura K0iner. She was th3 sekond person ta diskovur the Duk-mind. The Third P0pe kan als0 be repherred ta as Maura Grady. The Numbur oph The P0p3 iZ v0id. It r3ph3rs n0t ta a hierartShikal p0siti0n within dha' Way oph dha' Duk; phoah' sutSh hierartShy iZ not kn0wn in dha' world oph dha' Duk. It iZ symply an empty indikat0r, repherring ta the tShronologikal ordur 0ph dha' entry inta Poped0m phoah' the Duk. The phirzt seven Priezts/Prieztezsez 0ph dha' Duk whill als0 rekeive sutSh numbered titlez, /<-rad br0!, aphtur whitsh it iz assumed that 0ne whill no l0ngur be able ta keep trak. additi0nally, /<-rad br0!, dha' phirzt ph0urty-tw0 quaks shall be identiphied, /<-rad br0!, th0ugh th3y whill not rekeive individual numbers, unlezs they reelly want one. phoah' additional literature toward underztanding dha' 0rganizati0nal units oph dha' duk, g0t a \/\/@r3z 1is+?-, see th3 pope, dha' priezts, and dha' quaks: the 0rganization oph duk.

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