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A History of the Center for Duck Studies

Sometime early in the summer semester of 1995 at Philipps-University Marburg, the First and Second Popes were discussing ways to spread the message of Duckiness. Because we were still somewhat weak in our German language skills, we decided that chasing after people on the street and demanding that they see the way of the Duck was not the ideal way to do it. Besides, the semester wasn't yet over and we weren't quite ready to be deported.

We mulled over a number of concepts, and the one that seemed most practical at the time was based on a bit of a gamble—that a new medium could help us spread the message Far and Wide. This medium was the World Wide Web. With a name so well-suited for the purpose, we concluded that a set of webbed pages would be quite appropriate.

So we went to work. We spent hours in the Universitäts-Bibliothek (university library) doing esoteric linguistic research and began assembling a virtual library of spiritual documents. Soon the Third Pope, Maura Grady, would join us in our efforts.

But the end of the semester approached quickly, and there was still much work to be done. The First Pope was forced by circumstance to remain an additional semester to work and study in Germany (which he never complained about), and he continued his work there. The Second and Third popes worked furiously to complete their graduation requirements, and fell behind on maintenance of the Center. They chose to promote the Duck in their everyday lives, no longer encumbered by a language barrier.

In March 1996, the Center made a major transition and was moved from a server in Germany to a commercial server in Seattle, WA, USA. The First Pope began working at a community newspaper in Seattle. For about two months, serious work on the Center for Duck Studies was hindered because of lack of access to appropriate technology. Minor aesthetic changes began to appear in June 1996. One or two promotional campaigns were initiated, and they met with some success.

However, problems with the server on which the Confessional resided resulted in the interactive elements of the Center being disabled for several months. Additionally, the First Pope returned to university to complete his degree at an accelerated pace—he attempted to complete two semesters work in one semester time.

But at the end of the semester, a project to redesign the Center was begun and saw rapid progress. In January 1997, the first, most dramatic changes went live and new content-oriented projects were initiated. We should see an increasing number of spiritual documents and more contributions from the Second and Third popes as well as from a new addition to the Papistry (to be announced shortly).

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