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The Popes, the Priests, and the Quacks

The Duck is perfectly happy without organization. However, the development of the human species prefers an organized approach, particularly for the purpose of enlightenment. This can be proven by considering the methods of the Buddha, but even his way cannot compare of that of those who follow the Way of The Duck.

The Way of the Duck is fulfilled in three Orders: The Popes, the Priests, and the Quacks.

The Popes. The first three Popes receive numbers. After that, although there will be popes until generations after the last generation, the Popes will not receive any more numbers. There is, however, no stipulation from the Duck that other Popes may not take numbers; simply that they will not receive one by the grace of the Duck. Those who come after the third Pope will simply have a slightly more active task before them.

The number of the Pope does not refer to a hierarchical position in relationship to the Duck or to Human Creatures. It simply refers to the order in which the first three popes realized the Duck.

A Pope is expected to contribute to the literary development necessitated to bring Humanity to a Duckier plane. This may entail contribution to the Webbed Pages, to Holy Writings, or to the design of travel brochures for the Duck Consciousness Retreat and Vacation Resort.

The Popes should also have an above average connection with the Duck. Other than that, Duck Popes may do whatever they feel necessary to bring greater Duckiness to the world.

The Priests. Priests distinguish themselves from Popes in that they didn't really feel like becoming Popes so early in their Duck-Being. The First Seven Priests, like the first three Popes, shall be identified as well by a Ducky number, also based on the order of their entry into Priesthood. In addition, each of the first Seven Priests will represent the torchbearer of a particular Pond within Duck Priesthood, including The Pond of Mallard, The Pond of Wood, and so on. After the First Seven Priests, it is assumed that it will become impossible to keep track with any reasonable degree of accuracy, so no additional Priests will be assigned a number unless they really want one.

A Priest need not contribute to the literary development, but should contribute to the enlightenment of the Quacks and the Completely Featherless in some meaningful way. A Good Priest should encourage Duckiness, but not punish the lack of it. A Good Priest should encourage the consumption of Oranges and Leeks, but should suggest refraining from the consumption of the Holy Duck in any situation in which it seems appropriate. A Good Priest should encourage anyone who seems to have Duck-Potential to at least consider becoming a Quack. In addition, Duck Priests should have at least average connection with the Duck and should do what they see necessary to bring greater Duckiness to the world.

The Quacks. The Quacks, or Lay followers of the Duck, are those who either have a very loose connection with the Duck, or who have a average to above-average connection with the Duck but simply cannot take the pressure of being a Priest or a Pope. The First 42 Quacks are given a special honor, the meaning of which can only be understood in full by one who has at least an average connection. A Quack need not adhere to any particular rules, however they should do whatever possible to increase their own Duck-Consciousness and to bring greater Duckiness to the World.

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