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Meditations on Duckiness

One who has reached a complete state of Duckiness will simultaneously be aware and unaware of it. By the very nature of the Duck-State, awareness of one's own Duckiness becomes irrelevant except in relationship to the social world of the Completely Featherless. Simultaneously, being Ducky comes to be such a natural state to those who have achieved it that they tend to lose very Consciousness of their Duckiness.

Truly Ducky ones will be able to recognize their Duckiness, but will be so pervasively Ducky that whether they realize their condition or not becomes irrelevant.

The Duck can deal with this. Indeed, the Duck is quite hip to people being Ducky, and makes no requirements of Ducky persons to dwell on their condition. To a Ducky one, even this meditation is void; only the un-ducky can experience any additional benefit from reading it.

The Duck is quite a happening creature. It is indeed the Duck from which the state of Duckiness originates, but the potential to experience the Duck exists within all creatures, Ducky and not. Whether it is through a sensory perception or an intuitive contact, whether it is complete or partial, whether the Duck is within or without, the Duck remains, and the Duck is Ducky.

Anyone who reads this far is on the path to Duckiness. Whether they move forward or not is a purely conscious decision, and can be made in any way which satisfies the Ducky-One-to-be.

Go forth, and be Ducky.

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