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The True Meaning of Duckmass

The true meaning of Duckmass is often lost in the Quacking materialism of the season. Duckmass, which begins on December 21 and ends approximately January 13, depending on the phase of the moon and whether the Duck sees its reflection, is a celebration of the origins of Duckiness. It is a time for the consideration of all of the Paths toward Duckiness and appreciation of the multifariousness of the Duck.

The Duck has been sacrificed to Dinner Plates for millenia, and it has done so without serious complaint. This graciousness should be appreciated in particular during this season, and even those who do not follow the strictest path of Duckism (which involves vegetarianism, and therefore complete abstention from the consumption of any feathered friends), should show their appreciation by refraining from eating Ducks. Most Duckists follow this rule unconsciously, but for those who lose sight of the true nature of the Duck as a result of the sensuous nature of this season, it is particularly worth repeating.

The celebration of the Duck can take many forms, and the papistry advocates that Duckists choose their own ways and make their own Ducky traditions. The world of the Duck is a diverse one; the range of celebrations should reflect that. Whether you choose to spend the days and nights Quacking for the Good of The World, or whether you quietly sit at home and reflect on the Duck, or should you choose to take the opportunity the season presents to make Ducky artwork, or whether you choose to read stories to your children about the Duck, the way in which you celebrate the Duck is much less important than maintaining the spirit of the Duck itself.

We have the good fortune of living in a time when the Duck is increasingly loved and trusted. But we do need to be careful not to succumb to the terrible consequences of superficiality, crass commercialism, and sentimentalism that marks the sacred festivals of many religions. With that in mind, Have a very Ducky Duckmass, and Be Ducky!

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