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Affirmations of the Duck in our lives

The duck is an integral part of every known society.

Who would deny the utter duckiness of the children's game that goes, "Duck. Duck. Duck. Goose!" In the English-speaking world, this is obviously one of the first steps toward experiencing the duck-mind.

In many western societies, the rubber ducky is an early childhood experience of the duck.

And one should not forget, of course, the Peking Duck*. Then, of course, there is the manifestation of the Duck suitable for chinese Buddhists known as Vegetarian Duck, to Westerners "Braised Wheat Gluten".

Clearly, an understanding of the Duck cannot be so far away, even to those who claim that the Duck is a cruel hoax. The Duck has been part of our lives ever since we began feeding it stale bread. We have bound ourselves to the Duck-nature.

The fact is, the Duck is more pervasive than any other bird; even the seagull is somewhat restricted in geographical reach, and who else but Seattlelites would bother to feed them anything? Indeed, even Seattlelites have such a low respect for seagulls that they only concede mushy french fries from Ivars or that place in Alki.

The spiritual center of the Duck, or at least one of them, is in Iceland. In Iceland, a lake whose name is sometimes translated as "Mosquito Lake" is home to over fifty varieties of Ducks.

Webbed Feet are the Feet of Wisdom. Those who come to understand this will develop the Great Webbed-Foot Aura.

The Duck is Beautiful. The Duck is Ducky. The Duck is the Way.

*The Popes do not encourage the consumption of waterfowl, particularly ducks, in any case when it can be avoided. This is not an appropriate way to find the Duck. Indeed, it may be most appropriate to refrain from the consumption of any animal. This is the way of the Popes.

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