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Welcome to RightWatch. This page is designed to aid progressives in the pursuit of "know thine enemy," and so it includes many direct links to right-wing web sites, including the religious right, various white supremacists, and some slightly more subtle but still frightening sites. Hope you find it useful, even if you are an evil right-wing bourgeois racist pig. :)

Highlight of February 1999
A front for the white supremacist group This site is dedicated to discrediting Dr. King. The site highlights the "heroic efforts" of such lovely folk as Jesse Helms and David Duke to "bring the truth about King's sordid past to light." It contains the expected anti-communist, anti-Jewish inflections and complains about his academic record. Kevin Alfred Strom calls King a "despicable hypocrite, an immoral degenerate, and a worthless charlatan."

Index: Religious Right, Fascists/Nazis/White Nationalists and other Racialists, Standard Right-Wing Crap

The Christian Right

Sara Diamond
For valuable insight into the workings of the Christian Right, turn to the print world by looking at the writings of Sara Diamond. She regularly has articles in Z Magazine and has written at least one book that I'm aware of.
Focus on the Family
Famous for attacking the rights of homosexuals and other groups which do not fit into a narrow conception of the family, James Dobson's organization has taken to the net.
Christian Coalition Interactive
The Christian Coalition is one of the Christian right's strongest organizations with the most political clout.
The Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc.
The 700 Club home page. CBN often features guests attacking multiculturalism, feminists, homosexuals, and so on in the name of Christianity.
The Rapture Index
Billing itself as a resource for "The study of bible prophecy, the rapture of the church, and current events," also features criticism (with few or no specifics) of the "liberal media" in at least one article.

Fascists, Nazis, White Nationalists and other Racialists

National Alliance
A very extensive site, the National Alliance home page features documents that explain the principles of the organization, a link to a white nationalist radio program which can be listened to on the Internet, and various other collections. Like many racialist organizations, National Alliance relies on a biological explanation of race and on revisionist history.
Stormfront White Nationalist Resources
Stormfront produces a number of articles from a white nationalist point of view.
CROSSTAR: The Nationalist Headquarters
Claim to be "real Americans"; their project for America involves removing the "debilitating elements" including "Non-Americans: Wetbacks, boat people and aliens who crash our borders" and "Anti-Americans" including "communists, communist sympathizers, cultists, traitors and other subversives" and "un-Americans" such as homosexuals and "riot-prone" minorities.
The David Duke Campaign
Promotes David Duke's Senate campaign and features articles by David Duke on his racial thinking and on the reasons why he is running for Senate. Also features an e-mail address, but judging by the name, it is probably an autoresponder.
White Aryan Resistance Hate Page
Tom Metzger's organization. The newspaper features rambling articles justifying racism/racialism. For those with a desire to flame, "Hate Page" is WAR's own name.
Be Wise As Serpents
A home page for Christian Racialists. Claims that there is a war on Christians and white people which is supported by the establishment.
American National Socialist Party
An e-mail address for US Nazi Party.
On German Proverbs and Nazism (text over 100K)
A research paper which examines the use of language in Germany just before the rise of the Nazis and examines how the Nazis utilized proverbs in slogans to legitimize their politics.
USENET newsgroups
Many racialists hang out in USENET newsgroups listed below.
A very noisy newsgroup, primarily composed of flame wars between apolitical, anti-racist, and racialist skinheads.
Includes many more skinhead postings and has a significantly lower volume.
E pluribus unum

Standard Right-Wing Crap

Rightgrrl! A Meeting Ground for Conservative and Prolife Women!
Proof that even anarchist/punk jargon isn't safe from co-option. Actually, that's an unfair assessment of the significance of this site. What's really interesting about Rightgrrl! is that it combines live news, commentary, site content aggregation and even a little bit of activist merchandising to target women and promote an anti-abortion message. The advisory board includes a number of regionally influential media personalities.
LaRouche Exploratory Committee
Note that identifying LaRouche's politics is a touchy issue and that it may be inappropriate to label it "right-wing", but it is a populism with some scary tendencies.
Rush Limbaugh
There are probably hundreds of Rush Limbaugh home pages, so I'm just listing a few. Many of these repeat the same information.
Free Congress Foundation
Certainly does nothing to hide its corporate sponsors; Jeffery H. Coors is the Chairman. Paul Weyrich is also involved. The organization seeks to "promote western culture" which involves projects in the former soviet union, monitoring of the judicial selection process in the U.S., and other lobbying efforts. Is the parent organization of a host of other conservative lobbying groups.